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Why Get Mobile Home Insurance?


You own a mobile home because you enjoy the ability to own a house of your own outright without a costly mortgage. Even though mobile homes are traditionally cheaper than stick-built houses (or even modular homes, a close relative to the mobile home), your purchase is not without its value.

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When to Recalculate Your Life Insurance Needs


There's a lot of information out there about how to calculate just how much life insurance you need. But you also need to know about when to recalculate it because as your life changes, your insurance needs will change, too.

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Does Buying Earthquake Insurance Make Sense?


If you live in the state of California, you might want to consider getting earthquake insurance if you don't already have it. Earthquake insurance coverage is not mandatory; however, it is a good idea if you live in this state or a few others. Here are several things to understand about this unique type of insurance coverage.

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