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Livery Insurance

Getting people from one place to another can be a heavy responsibility. There are many risks involved. It can also be gratifying to get someone to their destination on time. You may be providing service for a wedding or taking friends out on the town. Either way, one of the biggest concerns and dangers regarding your business is sharing the road with other drivers. There are a lot of hazards that go hand and hand with spending your livelihood on the road is weather, risky drivers, driving while tired, etc... Our affordable limousine insurance policies will help cover your limo company for the unwanted car accident. As a livery services provider, the responsibility for keeping your passengers safe rests with your drivers and business practices. If your vehicle is driving down the road and a tire blows out and an accident takes place, your driver and passengers could get seriously injured, or a loss of control driving on slippery roads could damage someone’s personal property. Without insurance coverage that takes these issues into account, you and your company could get into serious trouble. The costs associated with a lost lawsuit can cause significant financial hardship on you and your business. A comprehensive and affordable insurance policy can help keep your company from bankruptcy and the financial strains of costly lawsuits. Accidents can and do happen, as a livery business owner it is your job to be prepared. A free consultation can help us assess your risks and get you good information about the coverage options you need. A packaged limousine insurance policy may have the following insurance plans incorporated:
  • Automobile Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Workers' Compensation
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