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Short Term Health Insurance

What is Temporary Health Insurance?

Temporary health insurance, also known as a short term plan, is a quality, affordable plan of temporary medical insurance designed specifically for people who are temporarily without health insurance. Coverage can become effective as early as tomorrow, be purchased for periods as short as 30 days or up to 180 days, and paid for in one single payment or in easy monthly installments. Short-term health insurance is for people in transition. Short term policies can provide an affordable safety net for healthy individuals and families who are transitioning from one life event to another without a basic health plan. Depending on the short-term plan, benefits can be wide-ranging, with some policies providing up to $5 million in individual coverage.

Ideal protection for persons:

  • Cobra insurance alternative
  • Between jobs, laid off, on strike
  • Attending school or recently graduated - if you are a student looking for student insurance
  • Employed part-time or temporarily
  • Waiting for permanent health insurance to begin
  • Temporarily without health insurance for almost any reason

How Does It Work?

A short-term health insurance policy works like an "indemnity" plan, giving you the freedom to go to any doctor or specialist you like. However, most plans require that you obtain pre-certification from your insurer before you are hospitalized (except for emergency treatment). Without pre-certification, the plan may not reimburse you for hospital bills. Surgery, hospital care, emergency services, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, follow-up office visits, and even limited mental health care could be included under a short-term health policy. While many short-term policies are usually renewable for a total of 36 months, keep in mind that if you file a claim under your short-term policy, your insurer will likely not renew the policy again. They might offer you another policy, but they will treat any injuries or illnesses that occurred during your previous short-term policy as a pre-existing condition. Most reputable insurers offer a 30-day guarantee of satisfaction and will refund 100 percent of your premium within this time should you decide you don't want the policy after all. In order to get your money back, you can’t have made claims under the policy.