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Collector Car Insurance

Are you a car collector? Whether your car collection features a Ford Thunderbird from the 1950s, or the hottest new Ferrari on the market, it is important for you to protect your valuables with a comprehensive insurance policy. Your car collection isn’t just a way to transport you around – we know that it’s a passion and an investment that will become more and more valuable as time goes on. Although collector car insurance has been around for quite awhile, many car collectors still insure their unique vehicles through a standard auto policy, thereby paying more for less coverage. By purchasing Collector Car Insurance from NorCal Quote, you could save quite a bit of money. Of course, not all collector cars are used for the same tasks. Maybe you keep and maintain your cars in a secure garage in your California home, and only drive them occasionally – say, to car shows. Or, maybe you can never resist showing them off and you drive them all over Garberville. Either way, we can tailor a collector car policy to meet your needs. If you’re not sure about purchasing insurance for your car collection, ask yourself: 'what would happen if my cars were damaged at a car show, or damaged en route overseas for a car event?' 'What if they were damaged during restoration?' 'Will a repair shop understand that they need to use original parts?' NorCal Quote can help you find a policy that will make you confident that your cars are protected. We know that car collectors put a lot of time, money, and heart into their vehicles, and many of their cars are worth more in sentimental value than they are in actual dollars. When something is that priceless, it must be protected. Call us today so that we can help get you a Collector Car Policy that will help you rest easy!